Providing solutions for diverse clients in key industries

We are proud to serve key players in the Guinean and sub-regional economies and to continue to expand our client portfolio with a variety of services. We have developed and implemented cross-functional and client-specific services to:

– a wide range of activities and industries

– private, public, and parapublic companies

– local SMEs and subsidiaries of multinationals

The sectoral breakdown of our portfolio reflects our anchoring in the Guinean economy as well as our expertise and specialization.






    Bank & Financial Institutions




    BTP & Construction


    Other Services

    Our clients operate in various sectors, with a preponderance in the key sectors of the Guinean economy:


    • Mining (21%): we assist reference companies in the mining sector including mining companies and mining subcontractors
    • Services (18%) : our portfolio of services covers Consulting, Engineering, Quality certification, Communication…
    • Banks and other financial institutions (12%): we are Auditors of the largest banks in Guinea and we provide specialized advisory services to investment funds and other financial institutions.
    • Distribution (11%): our customers in the retail sector are specialists in the distribution of equipment, telecom products….
    • Construction (10%): we assist experts and contractors in the Construction sector, engineering firms and civil engineering.
    • Public Sector & Development Projects (8%): we bring our expertise to development institutions and development projects support agencies and projects of international institutions, as well as cooperation & diplomatic representations.
    • Logistics and Transport (7%): our logistics and transport clients include major players in the logistics and maritime and mining transport sectors as well as dynamic local SMEs.