To develop local expertise that has a positive impact on the environment

We strive to be fair, honest and reliable in our work by respecting all our commitments so as to maintain the trust of our clients and our partners.


We execute our tasks conscientiously and in a professional way, by mobilising all the necessary skills and resources to provide the best possible service.


We protect the information we collect in the course of our business in accordance with our obligation of professional secrecy so as not to harm our clients and partners in any way.


We treat our employees with fairness and impartiality. We pay particular attention to gender equality. In concrete terms, this is expressed, firstly, by the application of the principle of "equal pay for equal work". Secondly, promotions are made exclusively based on merit. Our performance management policy is designed to ensure this.


Through our human capital management policy, we enable our employees to realise their full potential in their everyday work and to be fulfilled from a personal as well as a professional point of view. In all cases, we encourage a work-life balance, because we are convinced that this is indispensable for the success of everyone and on all levels.


We are committed to fully playing our role of economic and social actor, inclusive and committed to the communities where we exercise our activities. It is in this context that we created FIDIMPACT, a programme of support and acceleration of Guinean start-ups and SMEs. FIDIMPACT aims to accompany start-ups and SMEs through capacity building. In concrete terms, we provide support services and help solutions